Nothing in the World can give me more satisfaction than music. Even sex has never been as good as listening a track which gives u goosebumps (although it’s pretty weird for me to put such beautiful thing as sex below sth with what I can’t have a physical contact, like music (again, don’t think I’m a sex addict, I’m just a combination of an above average physical sensitivity and a kinesthetic type. This means that for me it is easier and much more pleasurable to percieve the information by direct interaction. I hope I explained everything here; if not – feel free to write me and ask me personally)).

The phrase that can describe me is: “You will know me totally and completely only if u understand the reason why I like specific tracks and specific moments in them, and my emotions during those tracks and moments.” (And yes, I said that about myself)

Music has saved me from my greatest downfalls and hard times, it has helped my inspiration (I write short stories and poems), it has helped keep my good mood for much longer…

Music is the best thing that has ever happened in my life, and if I ever say that I love someone or something more than music, it means that something is definitely wrong with me…

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