Uhm… This is my first post here

Hey there. So..

I am in Germany right now, and I’ll be leaving for Bulgaria on the 16th of August.

Can’t wait to get there because I miss that place a lot.

Right now I am bored as fuck, because there’s nothing rly to do. I”m staying in a town of 80000 people with the center of it in 7 km from me (half an hour on a bus).

Today I’m going to a bigger one to stay at my uncle’s place for this week.

I don’t rly know if it’d be better to create an online diary instead of the blog, but u know what, screw it. I don’t give a flying fuck about that.

oh, I’ve been swearing here… Oopsie. Oh well, this is my first post here. later on I’ll probbaly be writing some more stuff, and I hope it’s gonn abe more interesting than the crap I’ve just written.

So, whoever reads (if ever) this don’t think bad of me. Or, u can think anything u want, it’s not like I’m gonna ever see u personally, so why the hell should I care…

so long


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