ideal Saturday night.

Ok, I got nothing to do and I”m following a prompt topic.

This is my idea about an ideal Saturday night.

Firstly, there has to be smb to spend the time with and do all the stuff I want to do (if there’s nobody to keep me company I can think of doing sth on my own).

Secondly, the weather should be great outside, and the sky has to be clear.

If the weather isn’t good,  an indoor activity like watching a movie, baking sth, or sharing music(or any other) tastes  can take place.

So, back to the great weather. If the sky is clear stargazing during a cup of tea on the balcony can be a great idea. Or, just walking around and talking about sth. The idea of getting a good camera with a tripod and taking pictures of the moon isn’t bad either.

Or, just sitting somewhere in the park with a guitar and beer.

Damn, I got so many ideas about how I could spend my time, but I can’t pick the ideal way I wanna do it 😀

Well, I guess something that can be called ideal hasn’t come to my mind yet, and I’m just bullshitting here hahaha 😛

If something better than I already have comes up I will totally write it down 😉


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