Another one

Another day is over.

Leaves are slowly falling of the half-yellow trees reminding us that the fall is coming.

Walking around the town is the best thing I can do these days because nothing else can calm me down that nicely.

More than a month since I returned from the place where I have left my soul. The only good thing is that in less than 3 months I’ll be there again, and I am eagerly waiting to get back there.

I don’t know why though. It’s not like I’ll be meeting all the people I’ve met over the summer of this year, or going to as many places I’ve gone. It’s just the place, which makes me feel better, and whenever I go outside to walk in the park, it feels like home. It feels like I’ve never left the place, and something deep inside me wants me to stay and never leave.

I think I’ve found the place which I can call home. It’s a little town called Detmold, and it will remain being my HOME.

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