I seriously don’t remember the last time I woke up so early (8:30 am) to go and do something. Yeah, I didn’t really need to go to my professor as it turned out, but I got this nice feeling of having all day ahead of me. Feels weird because my usual wake-up-time is not earlier than 2 pm.

Damn, I’m such a lazy ass. I’m walking around and inside of the Main building, I see students going to of from their lectures, and it feels so familiar. For some reason I really miss it.

Today the sky is clear and I could see the sun rays falling on the tree right next to my window. It looks great. A cold morning with lots of sun that is warming you very nicely when you’re standing under the rays.

Pretty soon it is going to get hotter, and I won’t have to wear my hoodie anymore till some time during the later afternoon when I decide to go to my regular Thursday evening activity – Beerpong.

Beerpong. I don’t even know why I go there, why I play it knowing that I kind of suck at it, and rarely get out of the 1st round. Probably it makes me feel like I am having fun standing with those big crowds of people most of who I don’t know or haven’t even seen before. It makes me feel like I am a part of this university community, like I am with them, and we are having all this fun together.

Starting with the beginning of this month almost everything around seems queer and weird, and I have no idea why it is like that. Probably because both I and my lifestyle have changed. Even the people I hang out with are different from the ones I used to be with.

I cannot stay with the former ones for some reason. I don’t feel that connection with them like I used to in the beginning of the year.

I am changing. I bet it is for better, because now less things bother me, and it is easier to concentrate on what I need and get things done.

Now I have only one close friend instead of the bunch of people I used to have. As I’ve heard, “During the growing up process you have less and less friends, but the ones which stay are the best ones”. So, I guess it is all for the better.

I am not interested in getting drunk almost every day like I used to. It looks very childish for me now. I have different priorities and aims which look more appealing than drinking half of the night and waking up in the late afternoon the next day and losing time.

I am different. And I like it.


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