another weekend is getting wasted

Yesterday I went to the annual AUBG event – the Soviet Party. All of the post-Soviet countries’ citizens chipped in and made a party, as usually. But. There is a huge BUT. It sucked. The music was good. The alcohol was ok (although there was too little of it). BUT.

The place itself was really horrible. And, a big crown of people added there. It was almost impossible to pass from one place to another, and everyone was very nervous. I didn’t like it from the very beginning when I came there and took my first glass of rum. I think the only good thing on that party was Captain Morgan, but again, there wasn’t enough of anything to make me even slightly drunk. I did drink “my share” of 10 BGN, but it wasn’t worth it. At all. I think this was the last Soviet Party I went to. If those guys decide to make it in a better place then I might think, but I doubt that anyone will suggest anything.

Because of the party I’ve wasted half of my Saturday. I woke up already in the afternoon, and it suxx.

Wasting another weekend. Congrats.


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