Yesterday I watched a movie called “Shrooms”.

It’s a movie about a group of Americans who went to Ireland to meet their friend, look for some shrooms and get tripping. And, obviously, something went wrong and all of them were dying one by one.

Oh well. The movie was more or less ok itself. BUT. (damn, I love using this word lol)

There were some unclear moments in the movie. Like some stuff that needs to be more opened to the viewer. IF it wasn’t unclarity, then it was a mistake made by the director or the screenwriter, and it’d be MUCH better if they had fixed it, I think.

In the movie a girl eats a dangerously forbidden mushroom and starts foreseeing her friends dying one by one. Every vision is accompanied by a seizure-like condition. Some kind of creature dressed all in black and walking in a weird way was following her, and she thought that IT was responsible for the deaths. At the end, by some kind of miracle, police and ambulance come (probably she’d found the phone), and they took the girl.

And, the end was supposed to be twisted. It turned out that the girl was the killer from the very beginning, and all that time she had been tripping on that ONE SINGLE SHROOM that she ate when the company has just come to the forest (!). => This is the unclarity I’ve been talking about earlier.

And, the way they were all behaving… It is sooo typical for the American horror movies. Stupid. Just stupid.


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