go back to sleep

Listening to music and feeling it coming….

It’s close; I can’t wait that soft hit inside my head which is going to plunge me into a whole different world of sensations. Images, patterns, and more weird stuff are going to be crawling in front my eyes.

“Nine Inch Nails – Me, I’m not” is playing over and over, and this sing fits my condition the best.

It’s hitting me. It feels so good. I’m a junkie. What? Junkie? Am I?

Hahahahah fuck yeah I am.

My thoughts now are so queer that I get confused by them, and don’t know what or how to think. But, stop. I’m thinking right now, am I correct?

Shit, that’s too much. Haha. Yeah, too much. Walls and ceiling around me seem to start moving. Will I see the fairy? I want a fairy here. But that bitch isn’t gonna appear out of my imagination because she’s sitting somewhere in the corner and is getting drunk with absinth to turn green because she likes that color.

What else can I summon from the depths of my head? Unicorns? Monsters? My possibly existent second personality?

Nobody of them wants to come out now. Why are they suck fuckers? I’ve been feeling lonely all day….

My brain seems to have activated a part of itself which doesn’t work usually. Millions of words are going through, but I can’t determine their speed. I don’t know if they’re fast or snail-like slow. But I still can’t catch any of those. They’re going and going… and I’m switching off from everything right now and transferring to something more soft and mellow. I feel the base waves around me. A stupid smile is on my face right now and it feels very fucking good. I’m melting down slowly, layer by layer. I feel my blood pulsing in every single blood vessel, and this feeling is beautiful.

Ok, it’d be better of I go to hibernate mode now before I write some more bullshit….

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