Sometimes you get tired of everything and want to erase all the events from your past up to this moment and start a brand new life. People around you and surrounding places are repulsive all of a sudden. Ones who you thought of as friends become just acquaintances, spark in your eyes fades, and you yourself get more and more dull. That disgusting feeling, when you feel like you’re at the edge of running away from your own life and people who you love, just because you know that this condition is going to hurt them.

Solitude seems like the best solution of all your problems because no one else is involved in the shit you are. In the moments like this it’s easy to see who cares about you, and who stretches the smile in front of you just to be nice.

Life becomes empty. And just to realize that there is a way to make it better it takes lots of inner strength. But not everybody has that much. And do you?

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