Happy place of mine

Having looked at all my previous posts I got amazed by the speed of change that I’ve gone through. Different people, different places, surroundings have made such a huge impact on me that I can hardly imagine how the hell I am still sane!
I really want to keep on being sane and not flip out right before any holidays or my departure to Bulgaria.
Bulgaria… Oh my God, this place has sucked out so much of me. I love this country, but this love has cost me so much.
Now I am in my happy place. Calm and tranquil. This is what I’ve wanted since the 16th of August 2011, when I left for Bulgaria. And now I have it for 4 weeks. 4 short weeks of heaven…
Here the time can just stop, and I can enjoy every single second of the surroundings which don’t have anything interesting in particular, but feel so warm and make me feel nostalgic.
I am home…

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