Your face is shining on me. Your skin is the softest thing in the world. I want to teach you to fly, so that when you do, you will be slowly float in the air with flowers petals around you. But that will never be enough to feel your beauty, because when something is perfect it doesn’t need to be changed. You are perfection of perfections.

I want to have you all, but I’m afraid to touch the most fragile thing. Feeling from far away has given me strength to come closer. And now I am here, right in front of you. I bow before you, and you gently lift my chin with your tiny fingers. I get up; I see you. You move closer. I cannot move a single muscle of my body. One more step… And you kiss me… KISS ME. Heavenly feeling… Your lips have made me melt. And I really did. All that is left from me was the clearest water. 

I will evaporate and come back to you with the rain under which you’ll be standing. Every drop of me will touch your skin and make me happy.



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