Horizons are melting

And the sun hides in shame

When you smile at me

And say that everything will be alright.

Peaceful clouds pass by

As I look into your eyes

With mine, full of tears,

Knowing that this is our last time.

Miniature blood vessels are

Popping inside of me eyes,

And making them red from crying.

Every single tear of mine

Belongs to you, and only you.

You have saved me from drowning

In the river of tears and solitude;

Made my heart melt from the ice it had been,

And grow bigger with every day.

You have taken

All the space inside of it,

And it makes me the happiest one,

And the saddest at the same time.

Among the shadows of passersby

I see you.

Love me like you’ve never had before,

And I with all of my heart,

Will be yours.


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