Obedient zombie

Soldiers are runing to their death;

Rushing into the paws of hell.

I am one of them,

Blindly followig the orders.

A spear is in my hands,

Adrenalin is in my blood

Making the heart jump out.

We go into attack,

I see dead bodies and body parts

Covering the ground.

The color changes from brown

To vermllion red.

I pierce somebody’s throat

With my sharp spear,

And see blood squirting in all directions.

He looks into my eyes,

Whispers to me while spitting with red foam

“You are empty”, and falls.

I freeze for a second;

His words echo in my head,

One of my soldiers pushes me

And the thoughts in my head out.

I fall on my knees,

Get up,

And move forward.

Move to kill;

Look ahead with the eyes

Full of emptiness.






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