The only one to cry

Your last breath;

I remember it too well.

You have looked in my face,

Asked me to live for both of us.

Through the waterfall of tears

I whispered

“Stay with me”,

But it was too late.

Your lifeless body was already rotting

In my arms.

The space you used to

Take in my soul

Has started to empty out;

Only pain could take it.

The perfect memories

Are going through my mind

And making me cry;

I am alone now .

I can’t stay,

I need to go;

Go to my old sweet memories

Where I could feel safe

With you by my side,

Where I wasn’t afraid of anything.

Now my life is a waste;

Your room is filled with

My chest pain

Doesn’t let me in,

So I’m sitting at the entrance

And  quietly weeping.

Nothing can bring you back;

The wounds of my soul

Are still bleeding.

No magic in the World

Is able to erase the memories

From my sick and feeble mind.

Our games, our fun…

They will forever haunt me

With every single rain could,

Reminding about the time

We used to play together.

For many long years

You were with me;

We swore to be together

All the time.

And now

I’m standing at your grave,


The doctors will say I am insane,

But I’ll never forget you,

My friend,

My only true friend.

They will day that I’m just imaginary,

But I’ll never believe them,

Because you are me

And I am you.


So I was flying around

My own body

That was lying dead

In an inexplicable position

With no one crying above it.

I will cry

And be the only one

To cry for my own death.

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