This is a great news!

You are feeling better.

Excuse me, what?

You have pain in your chest?

Call the doctors.

Your soul hurts?

Call the doctors…

They can fix anything!

They can fix you.

-We will fix you! -,

Said the dear ones,

And I blindly believed.

I believed that I am a toy,

Loved by everyone.

Nanny has taken care of me,

She’s loved me

Just like every other toy.

But they couldn’t fix me,

And I lay broken on the shelf.

I remember a big hand

Grabbing me really hard

And carrying the broken me

Towards the fire.

I saw tears in her eyes.

-Come on, you’re a big boy now! –

I tried to tell him.

He was just crying.

That moment I saw the death of mine;

It was happily licking me with flames.

I tried to scream,

But no one could hear

Any sound.

She through me into the fireplace.

Deadly kisses of the fire

Devoured me.

I couldn’t make a sound.

I was dying

In the flare

Of needlessness.



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