Best Friend

Too many medications…

Too many to notice

That you’ve gone away


Will I see you again?

Will we have a “haven’t seen you for ages” hug

At least once more?

Sleep. I need sleep

To see the ugly truth

Of the low possibility for everything

To happen.

Just the subtle noises of our music

Will bring your image next to me;

The great times have left

With you today.

Cloudy and drizzly weather

Will keep the parting in my head.

Every memory will stay.

Only memories will be with me,

Reminding about sleepless talking nights

And laughter.

I can’t laugh anymore,

I’ve lost a part of me.

That little part keeping me going

When I know that you’re a phone call away.

I see too much truth, and it hurts to realize

That my best friend has left forever.


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