The red tie

I saw you smile.

We hugged and said good bye.

I wish I knew that it was

The last time I’d ever seen you.

Three long years

I haven’t seen your face;

I miss you ever since that day.

The red tie

Has cut into my mind forever.

My dear friend,

I hadn’t even got a chance

To mourn on your grave.

You come to my dreams

And I can only say “I’m sorry”…

I’m sorry for not having been there

When your mother was shedding tears

On your grave.

I tried to be strong,

But the tears are burning my eyes;

It’s too hard to keep in.

Flowers flood the grave;

I wish I could put one of mine there too.

I still remember that day;

The white shirt, red tie

And you smiling.

My memories of you will forever stay alive,

For your sake;

For the sake of our old friendship.

I know you are here watching us all;

I’m sure we’ll meet one day,

Just wait.



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