The last meeting

A blunt hit. Splattering blood.

I don’t feel the pain.

Just a little push;

That small movement

Close to death.

-Why did you do that?

-You wanted to die;

I was merciful enough

To lessen the distance

Between you and your end.

Yes, now I’m close.

Clichés with my life

Flying in front of my head

Became a part of me.

I am dying.

This feeling will never leave

My memories,

If, of course I have any

After the end.

I hear my mother’s voice.

It’s too far away,

I’m trying to reach it.

She slowly fades away

As I desperately pull all my efforts

To get her.


My inner world is shaking

Like a new Ferrari on Russian roads.

Lights around get dimmer,

And brighten up again;

I don’t know who or what I am anymore.

Darkness. No more radiance anywhere.

The air gets thicker,

And I can feel it

With the very tips of my rough fingers.

Every molecule of the dark accelerates.


I want to run away, but I don’t know where.

My clueless mind is playing

Its evil sinister tricks on me.


My body muscles refuse to obey the orders

From the brain.

Perplexed and full of black empty holes

My sinful and regretful soul

Is dying for order

And former transcendence.

Now I am nothing but

A worthless little piece of the universe

That no one can see or feel.


The word feels to heavy,

But right now

I feel only the blunt pain from

That blunt hit.


I get my body back.

Hundreds of volts

Are going through me,

And the pain comes back.


Too bright lights are making my eyes

Irritated. I can’t move.


I can see her standing

Right at me. She’s crying.

The sounds around

Are too distorted.

I was lying on the floor

And there were three of them I saw:

Paralysis, death,

And the tears on my mother’s eyes.

Mom left.

Paralysis stayed,

but I didn’t see him.

Last breath that

I could take was

Sucked away.

Well, death, here I come.

This is the last time we meet, bitch.


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