Black sheep

Seeing your face again

Makes me sick.

You scream;

I cry.

Is it better now?

Do you think it’s making me

A better person?

You’re such a wonderful mother,

Taking care of me,

Making sure I get all I need.

What’s wrong with you now?

Why don’t you want o recognize me anymore?

Am I bad?

Have I been a bad child

That has let you down for too long?

Tell me…

And I will walk away

From you life,

Like I’ve never existed in you life.

I will disappear,

And nothing will ever remind you of

My presence anymore.

I can be easily gone.

Just tell me…

An unfortunate mistake

Of giving birth to me

Can be fixed by

Forgetting me

And the troubled things

I’ve made you go through.

Disown me,

Reject me.

Maybe I need it;

Maybe I want it.

Just let me go.

Let me leave’

Away from the tyranny

Of your wishes.

Maybe if I disappear,

The life gets brighter

And the kids get happier.

New family,

New interests,

New happiness…

I’m not needed there.

I’m just an insane black sheep

That needs to be eliminated

From the idyll of your life.

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