Misfits of the realm

A smile, a hand shake, a talk…

Life’s not perfect, it has flaws.

Thank you, Jesus, for the life you’ve given us!

Thank you, Lord, for the strength to deal with ourselves…

So fake.

So much pretension on front of something

That doesn’t even exist.

Does it?

Sadness. Grief

For the ones that’d left us

Or the ones that are about to go.

I wish I were there now;

Seeing them smiling,

Remembering good times.

But I’m here.

I’m alive.

Alive, facing the deadly heartaches

Of my sinful life.

Will the God help me?

Where are you, God?

You don’t see what

Your humble slaves are going through.

I’m one of them.

Pitiful reasons

Are making me go further

Against my will,

Diluting me.

I am weak.

I am moving toward

My very end.

You’re not there

To stop me.

Disappointments of my life

Sum up to become me.

I am a part of them,

And it keeps growing

Inside of my chest,

Preventing me from breathing.

Failures are a huge weight

Hanging on my shoulders;

It makes me break down.

Where are you now, Jesus?

Where is my salvation?

Am I not your child

That has suffered all the life?

Why are you making the pain absorb my body?

Life is losing it’s meaning.

You aren’t going to be here

When I lose myself.

You’ve left me,

Just like every other sinner.

There’s no way for us now.

Just darkness;

The darkness you’ve saved

For the misfits of your realm.


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