-Time heals your wounds,

They say,

-It’ll all get better,

They say.

Is it really?

Is the time going to fix

The broken heart of mine?

Will it erase the sad memories

Of my past?

I wish it could be a big wipe

For my aching heart.

Hearts are so nice,

So fragile…

Like a star,

I’ve burned up, used all the heat

I’ve had.

I might be reborn,

But theĀ imploding is too painful

To go through;

I can’t start it over.

Burning up,

I can’t stop feeling

My fingers freeze.

The feeling is not

Going away.

I might ice up

And become a statue;

None of the passers-by

Will see the suffering in my

Frozen eyes.

No one will know about

The pain I’ve buried inside.

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