Welcome to adult life.

I’m on my way to the typical human life! And right now the step I’m on is called “Trying to get a job that would fit my major, but no success”.

I had 2 overall opportunities – an office-manager (something like a secretary) position that is pretty far away from my major, and the 2nd level tech-support position that I really want to get. Both interviews went great; the first company offered to sign a contract later this week, and the 2nd company told me that they’d call next day after the interview. That next day has calmly passed yesterday, and I hadn’t gotten any calls. The decision hasn’t been made yet. And I’m supposed to be in the 1st company in 2 hours to sign the working contract. So, my career as a secretary is going to start soon. I learned so much stuff at AUBG to look at the available vacancies and not be able to have any suitable jobs due to the lack of experience. Yaaaay.

Wait… Who am I telling all that? Everyone already knows it all. Now I’m one of the many unemployed… Well, hello, normal adult life.


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