It’s getting hot in here

Today the weather can truly be called INFERNO. Middle of April and +30 C outside… Great. time to get overheated and faint!

The day has been full of my attempts to install MySQL applications to create a database of contracts. After several tries I got mad and decided to do it later, maybe on Monday…

Yeah, last day of this working week. I’ve survived 2 working weeks at “Company_Name”! I’m happy for myself 🙂

I finally found a store where I can find flowers for our offices with the proper payment system. the flowers are adorable, and I’ll be ordering them in Monday.

After I got back from the flower shop, craziness started; not the scary kind, the fun kind. The girls from another office have come over to drink tea/coffee, and laughing hasn’t stopped since.

So much laughter, so much heat. Both balcony doors are opened, but it’s still hot. Those 2 (Anna and Oxana) should be happy that they don’t work in the same office, or there wouldn’t be any work done. They both affect each other in a weird way, making each other giggle uncontrollably.  I mean, I don’t have anything against it, it’s kind of fun 😀 But sometimes it can disrupt an important process, you know…

Oh well, the working day is almost over, only half an hour left. Weekend of looking after kids and doing housework awaits. Ahoi!

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