It’s raining again

My 3rd working week has started! I’ve got so much energy aaaaaaand it’s gone.

The outside temperature is good, but it’s really humid because of the rainy weather, and  too many puddles. I’m not complaining, but my blood pressure doesn’t like this kind of weather :/

Everybody around looks like they’ve been unloading train wagons all weekend. Nervous bosses make this morning even more stressful.

Several hours of dynamic work events are awaiting, and for some reason I’d rather not be here right now 😀

Just like Anna (sales manager in my office) said, “This is the weather for cocoa, cuddly blanket and a movie”. Although, I’d just pick SLEEP. Don’t care where, how, just right freaking NOW. I could even sleep right on this very keyboard if the lights weren’t so bright.

Dear Monday mornings,

You suck.

Sincerely, one of the millions employed people in the World.


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