Fun beginning of the working day

This morning has started kind of good (I’m afraid to call it good, because it’s just started, but oh well, I already have…).

All the office has spent the first 20 minutes of the working day looking for good red caviar for the guests and signing a bunch of papers for them. Luckily I found a person who could help me (thank u dad!!) and now the only worry is buying it and Cinzano Asti for the people who  buy stuff from our company.

Today is going to be a day full of moving: I need to pick up the office supplies, maybe also order flowers for the office, order some sticky paper for the colleague… and yeah, make the boss pay for the printer repairs, and then make somebody go and pick the printer up from the service center (that’s gonna be a tough one). Nice stuff! Much better than sitting in the office all day long.

Aaaaalright. Just as I thought; the day couldn’t start calmly and nocely, someone HAD to yell at somebody. Yes, boss, good morning to you too 🙂

Well, let’s see how this wonderous day ends up being. Time to work!


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