Do you feel happy? Are you sure?

Are you really happy about your life, your university/major choice, your job, your salary, your family, spouse, children?

Every morning you wake up, have your tea/coffee, see the same people in the same place… Are you glad to see them there?

What do you think or sense when you feel the sunrise on your skin? Does your heart beat differently when you look at the morning sky over and over again?

What goes through your head when you see your boss first thing you come to work? Do you force yourself to smile and squeeze a “good morning” out of yourself, or you’re too scared of him/her and run directly to your desk and hope he/she won’t touch you till theend of the working day?

Are you happy about the people you hang out with, talk to? Do you have any happy moments with your loved ones, or your relationship is nothing but a bunch of complaints about each other?

Are you satisfied with what you do right now? Are you really?…

Even if not, smile. At least for these short couple seconds. At least because you’ve just made my day by reading this post and adding +1 view to my blog.

Be happy, dear reader.


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