Observing and researching – Anna and Oxana. “The giggle cloud”.

Anna and Oxana. The relationship of these 2 people and their influence on each other hasn’t been studied completely yet. but, some observations may help to move forward in the big research of interpersonal influence while at the workplace.

I met Anna for the first time when I came to a job interview to “Company_name”. She seemed to look like a nice friendly person (I still have the same opinion of her), a nice girl who’s ready to help.

I met Oxana right before I started working at “Company_name”. She seemed like a serious person (if no one told me that she’s 18 years old, I’d have never thought so; I still have hard time realizing it, because she looks, talks and behaves older); now I see more joy and emotions in her (she actually doesn’t hide any of that, I’ve just come to see it late :))

A brief introduction done, and now I can more to the point of the observation itself: as specified in one of the first posts about work, these 2 individuals affect each other in such a way that causes people to have different reactions: some peolpe say “awwww” and smile, some people join in, and some are just plainly confused about all that.

The influence hasn’t been studied yet; all I have for now is observations of laughter and strange behavior. Whenever the girls are close to each other and are able to see each other, the uncontrollable starts: they giggle for no reason and perform undefined strange actions that cannot be described so far.

Maybe these are the first signs of telepathy on Earth (how else would they understand what to giggle about when they don’t even talk to each other, and just giggle?), or they’re the extra terrestrial visitors trying to blend into the society – nobody knows.

I’ve called this effect “the giggle cloud”. The radius of the cloud can vary depending on the distance between the individuals, but sometimes it’s able to spread over the internet, even when they are just chatting online.

The research subjects are usually held in different offices to prevent an even bigger spreading of “the giggle cloud”.

I will keep on researching and posting about the unusual effects of the cloud. If you are familiar with something like that, do not hesitate contacting me and sharing your research. Maybe, with your help I can come to a proper conclusion of that “the giggle cloud” is, how it’s created, and what to do with it.

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