Twitch. Twitch.

Yeah, I totally have had too much caffeine yesterday… Coming up: my eye twitching all day long with 5-10 minute interval! Aw, crap.

Countless attempts to make my life better still don’t end the way they’re supposed to, but I keep on trying; maybe one day everything works out the way I’ve planned (let’s keep dreaming).

Right now I’m staring at another cup of coffee that I’ve poured for myself couple minutes ago. I don’t want it, I really don’t. But, if I don’t drink it, this post will fill with a bunch of letters because I’ll fall asleep on the keyboard.

Yawning while the eye is twitching: very memorable feeling. I gotta get some duct tape and fix the eyelid position, maybe it’d bother me less that way 😀


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