Angry hockey talks

Watching the higher league hockey game. Saryarka (Karaganda, KZ) vs Toros (Neftekamsk, RU). KZ tam is losing 0:2.

So many amazing moments to score… and NO.

Going ahead…. aaaaaand there’s no score. CRAAAAAP!!!!!

No words. Really. None. Just me being angry and my dad being even more angry; both of us are sitting with totally disappointed faces in front of the TV. I’m somehow glad that I’m not watching this game in the center of the city on the big screen, that way the disappointment would’ve been even worse. 2 out of 3 thirds are already done, and the score is still sooooo ugly.

They’re giving interviews about hard game, strong opponents… Ah, bullshit! They can play better, they have before with the very same team.

I hope the couch gives them a good kick in the nuts while there’s a break before the 3rd period. Gotta make some more coffee; I’m not sure I have enough energy to scream more.


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