Unproductive day

Today has been the least productive day of my work. I came to work, turned the computer on, registered one outgoing letter, and that’s it. all other time I was browsing, looking through the website translations, and.. Yeah! I took pictures! No, we did!

I was sitting and taking pics of myself to get by the time. then I got bored and called the girls to join me in a small foto set. Oh, the horror! So many foolish pictures… I haven’t made that many ones of this kind for a very long time. Quatro pics, different color schemes and regimes… And it was fun. a lot of simple fun that I haven’t had for a while.  (I’ll post 2 of the photos in the “Pictures” category)

Time passed very quickly until lunch. Now everyone feels dead and tired. Nobody is capable of thinking logically or understanding primary phrases. I need to survive until 6 pm and then take my lazy ass to German class. I really want to be able to go to sleep early tonight, but as usually, I’m not sure if it can work out.





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