Biggest achievement of the day, or ‘Haven’t been there for a while’

Days are going by, and nothing is happening. I still don’t have a full-time job, I spend most of my time home browsing and chatting with people. My biggest achievement of the day is another temporary job for 1 day on Monday 😀 And it’s an interpreter position again.

I’ve been lucky to find temporary translating/interpreting jobs lately… I’ll be working with representatives from Singapore universities.  6 hours of interpreting and consulting will result in tired feet and some money. I wish I had a full-time job like that…

Today I also visited my former colleague from “Company_name”, where I worked in April/May, in a hospital. She’s doing better than I thought, and I’m very glad about it. We talked about lots of stuff, about work, people I met. It was nice talking to her again, I gotta visit her next week if I have time. Before visiting her, I went to to my old workplace and said hi to everybody. Everyone’s been nice to me; those people totally know how to make me smile 😛

Overall, everything has been fine, except for nostalgic outbursts from time to time. I really need to get a job so that I can have something distracting me 😀

Right now I have my youngest brother next to me, watching an old Russian cartoon. I wish he was less expressive and loud right now, because I think my ears are going to explode soon…

Today’s mood – “Waiting for a miracle”


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