Inspired by V.B.

I saw a goddess…
The most beautiful creature
Dancing around the statue
Like no one else existed in this World.
Her gracious movements,
Enchanting smile full of happiness;
My brain and body froze,
And I could not take my eyes
Of the perfection.
I felt my heart
Pumping in every of my organs;
Warmth overfilled me.
The time stopped.
She saw me.
My heart has skipped a beat… or two;
I started losing my breath
As she approached me.
The feeling of joy was overwhelming,
And my vocal cords refused to let me say
Even a word.
And she just stood and smiled,
Making me feel like
The most important man.
Seconds of exciting eye contact,
And she left.
She went into the dark street
And I was watching her slowly dissolve
In the dim light.
She was gone.
But the perfection and enchantment
Were still in my heart.
And they will stay there forever.



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