The time has stopped,

Everybody froze;

So quiet in a street full of people and cars.

2 freshly picked carnations in my hand.

Why am I holding them?

Blinding red petals flicker before my eyes

As I realize that I’m standing in the middle

Of a busy road.

Looking around, seeing buildings reflecting the sunlight,

Gives me peace and a bitter feeling,

The feeling  I can’t shake off.

Inescapability oozes from my pores,

Everywhere around I see something

That other people call life.

As I remembered about the frozen time,

I started feeling the movement on the street,

And felt a strong push to my chest;

A big white car hit me.

I flew back off,

Spat blood, and finally touched the newly made asphalt

With my back.

Carnations were still in my hand,

But I couldn’t hold them;

I was weakening with every second

Until I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

The last look at the clear sky and sun reflections,

And I’m lost.

Devoured by the shininess of the city’s pretense.



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