Lonely December, or Silent hill times 2 and getting ready to visit home.

So, I’ve been working as a teacher for 3 weeks now. I want to kill every student of mine less than a million times during each day, and it’s going better than I thought it would; I’m some people’s favorite teacher now. The reason they’re still alive is probably because I know that  it’s not for too long anyway and that in mere weeks my life is going to change for better.

And now, my favorite paragraph about weather! The fog today… It was SO THICK I couldn’t see the Northern Lights from the balcony, although the buildings are only across the road from me. It felt truly magical outside today; when I went to the shop during my lunch break I just wanted to forget that I have work to do an hour after that and walk around until my hands would freeze and fall off.

I’ve also been having troubles with my book title; the one I have seems way to lame and I want to change it to something better. Maybe my trip home will give me more ideas about that.

About the trip home… I had no idea that we’d have so many days off, and the idea of going home for that long made me feel a little weird. But, there’s going to be a lot of food (AWESOME FOOD) and I’ll have to worry only about cleaning and keeping my little brother entertained from time to time, which is more doable than keeping my students entertained.

The days in Astana have been pretty lonely, I live inside my work and desperately want time to go by faster. I want the end of January to come sooner. I want to have a new life.

While I’m waiting for that and drowning in teaching and planning lessons, I always have something to share about, regardless of its importance. More stuff coming up on the New Year’s eve or maybe even sooner.

Stay safe, don’t slip on ice.

Stay tuned.



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