Elusive feeling that comes out of nowhere, or New Year mood

Sometimes itcomes out of nowhere. You can never predict it’s arrival. And when it’s forgotten and the hope is already long lost, itsuddenly appears.
The good mood before the New year’s eve. That childish feeling that comes just for a moment, but makes you believe that the little bit of happiness inside you isn’t dead yet; the little child that lives inside you can still feel the New year coming.
This year I wasn’t surprised when everyone around me was way too jolly about all the New year’s stuff. I haven’t had that New year mood for a long time, but yesterday, when I was wrapping gifts for my family, something changed.  It made me smile just thinking about how happy my brothers will be when they get their presents, and that look on their faces is something worth looking forward to.
So, I’m officially in the New Year mode. And it feels good.

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