Flickering lights

More of this.

Going and repeating,

Each boomerang is about to fly back

To remind me of my own foolishness.

A shoulder,

A hand and a face I could rely on

The kingdom of dream

Has sucked everything available,

No memories of that conversation 5 minutes ago.

Attempted conversations turn into ash

Being blown into your face.

Cutching the fist to save something

That has been torturing for about a year.

Not heard a word after 5-second eye contact,

Turn around and leave,

Hoping that the next eye contact would become longer.


One comment

  1. Flickering lights,
    Across a vast distance,
    Powerful among nothingness,
    A balance of hot and cold.

    Nothing escapes the emotions that come with time,
    An attraction of atoms, a glimmer of light,
    Primitive, early,
    Elaborate, advanced,

    Venturing into the unknown,
    Scared? To late….
    Less and less with each encounter,
    with each milestone,
    It is now a given,
    No one dare take it away!

    This is the first,
    So far unique.

    Confusion from around arises,
    Glances, questions, decisions made.
    The most dangerous one still concealed!

    Trusting, undoubting, brave,
    Sunrise dawning,
    Nightfall chasing,
    A wellspring of power,

    In happy times, it comes,
    It comes silent, concealed in innocence,
    No chance to prepare, no way to defend,
    It strikes, and goes into hiding again.

    The ebb and flow of the tides,
    The new dawns and dusks go on.
    It was unbelievable, inconceivable,
    before and after.

    There is no more confusion,
    The Old ones are reassured,
    There is silence,

    They spin silently, with rays frozen,
    Each in their own way,
    No shine, no power.

    ….and time again passes,
    A spark amidst the universe,
    No trace, no clear path,
    Time and trails and many a challenge,
    A moment….
    It shatters, it pulses and shines!
    They are awake!
    Beaming across the realms and eternal chasms,
    Powerful, unstoppable,
    There for all to see,
    Look for inspiration,
    Look upon a pure light,
    It is true,
    They are back!

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