3rd official day of holiday, or more mixed feelings

Well, well, well… The third official day of my holiday is almost over, and I  am spending this glorious evening with homa-made berry smoothies and an excrutiating pain in my knees. Why knees? Today in the morning I decided to jog. Jog a lot. A LOT. Considering that I usually do not run more than 3 km without a break, today was full of achievement – after today I think I will be able to run the 4.6 km in June, so yay to that 🙂

I have almost forgotten what it’s like to do translations for other people – today was also the day of doing my mom’s homework for her German language course.  Now I know everything about one gardening school in the region, because I was creating a presentation speech in a language that I am not fluent in yet – lots of fun and invaluable experience (almost no sarkasm there)!

The weather made me regret that I didn’t take shorts with me, because it was boiling hot during the day. First time in forever when I really enjoyed feeling like I was being fried alive 😀

Sunny weather and mixed feelings about my knees made me stay stationary for several hours, which I used to read something quite interesting. Well, interersting… This book has made my feelings more mixed than the pain 😀

And the title is… wait for it… ‘The Juliet Society’ by… wait for it… Sasha Grey.

I am not sure if I have ever read any books that has more sex in it. Really. The language this book is written in is fairly simple, anyone with a B2 level can easily read it. I have read about 1/3 of the book so far; not much lovey-dovey stuff, mostly wild fantasies of the main character.

More than a half of the book left to read, let’s see what it brings.

Tomorrow is another busy day.  More driving around and meeting people. Gotta squeeze in some peace, as I think I need it…

Tune back in  for more 🙂


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