Cloud nine

I see the Sun through a prism of blue,

Gorgeous sapphires are luring me

Onto the cloud nine.

I have not yet learned to fly,

And I continue watching the perfect stone

While gentle hands of the wind

Are going through my hair.

Unreal expectations and this beautiful reality

Make me believe in peace,

The fear dissolves.

I expect to wake up from this dream

Any minute.

Several seconds of absolute harmony

Is all I’ve been waiting for;

I wish I could stop the time

And cherish every moment

Before the cloud disappears.




  1. She

    My celestial being so divine, full of light
    Her presence allows me to rise into flight
    Soaring, gliding with heavenly bliss
    Yearning, craving her lips to kiss

    Drowning myself with the pure fascination
    Intriguing are my feelings of flawless dedication
    Releasing all logic to be one with her heart
    Enduring all chaos never want to depart

    Does she see this jagged stone tainted blue
    My wings can carry me and her too
    Up into the clouds never gazing below
    My promise to her is to never let go

    She calms my mind,heart and soul to keep me alive
    I will not detour and intend to strive
    To bring her peace and to keep her warm To hold her tight from the storm

    She is what I have always wanted but never had
    She is perfection in a world that’s gone bad
    To describe my feelings is hard to do

    My beautiful lady

    I love you xxx

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