With you

When I was filled with hate,

When everyone looked away,

To you I could always relate,

With you I wanted to stay.


I’ll show you my little world,

Come with me and hold my hand;

It’s stormy, the sails are furled,

Be ready to understand.


When I’m in your arms I melt

Like a snowflake under the Sun.

This is the first time I have felt

What it is like to be the one.


The softest touch of your skin

Takes my mind into space;

It quivers my soul from within

As I sink into your embrace.


You find me when I am lost

And lead me towards the light.

I’m happy our paths have crossed

And I am here, by your side.


Every detail of you I adore,

And if you were an endless sea

I’d not wish to swim ashore,

And with you I would be free.


Forever my heart and soul

Are yours, and I won’t drift away.

With you I am finally whole,

With you I will always stay.




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