Stress levels in a big city, or cuddles and herbal tea do miracles

Every day a million new things happen and most of the time you don’t even notice half of them. What you do notice if the crowds in the public transport, traffic on the roads, annoying cyclists (or pedestrians, if you are the cyclist), stronger wind than the other day. And sometimes, when the stress levels rise just a little bit you blame it on the weather or the lack of sleep, without trying to understand the cause of it. And in about a week – there you go – you can’t be asked to lift your heads from the pillow, coffee doesn’t taste as nice, the morning cigarette people in your bus/tram/train are as annoying as never before, the wind is cold and is making our ears hurt…

What usually happens in this kind of situation is that this nasty mood starts affecting the performance, and sometimes also relationship with colleagues, or even worse, the boss (oh no!). Drinking the nasty coffee that you used to consider amazing, dreading every day at work, and dying to just close your apartment door behind you and drop dead on the bed – is that even life?

If the day/week has been complete poo, what you can do is reflect on what happened and what made you feel like a citrus-pressed lemon. Have some herbal tea – (the calming herbs usually come in purple packs), listen to some music that makes you smile (not the sad stuff though), light up some scented candles (lavender and vanilla are really good) and cuddle the blanket. For those who have the other half, like a boyfriend/girlfriend/fiancé/fiancée/ husband/wife, it’s a bit different, but not in a bad way. When you have the special person with you, they can help you reflect on the past day or week, and keep you company during the stressful times. Things like foot massage, watching a comedy together, or just listening to music that you both like can make a lot of difference. And you won’t have to cuddle the blanket if you have your loved one next to you when falling asleep. Talking is a very important part as well. It’s always better to share your concerns and know that you are being supported than keep it in and increase your own stress levels.

Why did I just write all that? Just because I felt like sharing my thoughts on stress we all may face when one beautiful morning turns into an eternity long day that separates you from the sleep and cuddle times. I myself have been a bit overwhelmed by the chain of events after having moved to Berlin. Some people may not agree with me on the paragraphs above too, because they prefer having alone time or working out, or just punching something/someone or breaking dishes, etc. to relieve the negativity. The herbal tea and cuddles with my future husband helped me feel at peace and made every morning worth looking forward to.

Life is not as bad as you think. Smile 🙂

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