I carry the beautiful words of freedom,

Screaming “Privilege!” on every corner

Just because I can.

I memorize the never-ending list of genders

And their pronouns

Except for male and female,

Because they offend me.

I identify as Theta

And still don’t know which pronouns I like more.

I truly believe in social justice and freedom of speech,

But only when it suits me.

The existence of another opinion

Infuriates me, and as a result

I cry and mumble illogical things.

I preach peace, love, and tolerance,

But will crush windows and shop displays,

Burn tires and block the traffic,

If things don’t go the way I want.

I am unable to suck it up and live my life

As a human being.

Through the tears

I cannot see the original

Meaning of the word.

I am a liberal,

And I am offended.


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