Month: October 2019


Drowning in hopelessness,

Hiding the pain inside;

Indicators are concealed,

But I see.

The weight on you is

Painful for both of us;

Every regret

Has it’s own scale,

Overflowing the jar

Of tears.

Two halves

Of different bodies

Are linked too much

To ignore the sensation.

The loss,

The disappointment,

The desperation-

All of it falls

Right into place

And dissppears

Upon skin contact

And soothing voice.

A moment or an eternity ,

The embrace is an escape.

Identifying as mirror;

Our scars

Match in every right place

Like puzzle pieces.

So precise it scares.

Shattered happiness,

Comfort of the hands,

Calmness at the fingertips,

Salvation in the presence;

I will be there to pick up the shards

And put them together,

Ignoring the cuts,

Holding the embrace.

Always there,

Always for you.


Gloomy city,

Distant fireworks;

This is not it,

Not the place I need to be.

Breaking into a million,

Lost in the crowds full of leather

And misplaced bows.

Searching for a resemblance,


As there is no feeling

That could ever come close.

Shutting my eyes,

Daydreaming of the transcendence,

The unity

That is missing

Right this second.

Deep red only strengthens

The inevitable feeling

Of loneliness.

The other half

Is missing,

Hidden behind

The abundant multicolored flags

And hundreds of nemeses.

Temporary measures,

Seconds turn to snails;

It never comes quickly enough.

Ethanol fumes numb the evening down,

A storm ahead gives hope

Of a quicker relief.

The french piano sounds become

More beautiful when covered

With salt crystals,

Yearning for a solution.

So little, so much left.

I know I can taste that smile

So soon,

The beautiful anxiety

Is full of cocoons

That are eager to release

Another lively rainbow

And make me better again.

The gloomy city

Full of leather and misplaced bows

Gives life to an old feeling

Being born all over again.

And I will witness the cocoons opening,

I will taste the happiness,

I will smell the love.

So little has passed,

So little is left.

Another forever will be behind,

And a new one will start.