Here are some of my poems and stories


I look at the defenseless body,

Smug face,

Burgundy lipstick

Smeared off your thin,

Smirking lips.

My fist has the leftovers of it

Mixed with blood,

Yours and mine.

With every punch I throw at you

The anger recedes,

Leaving the fake righteousness

And a calmer breath.

It was not my place to mutilate you;

Just as much it was not yours

To lay where you did.

And as your face turns crimson

And covers the burgundy,

I tell you, it suits you better

Like this.



Sing to me.

Sing the song of the painful past,

Of the irreversible damage,

The hot tears.

Captivating melody

Is making my heart ache

Like it has never done before.

Eyes open to a clear night sky

Strewn with stars.

I see you shine with them

Releasing blue streams;

Aurora reflecting in them

Takes me farther away

Into a place

Where there are only

Us and the song;

The beautiful song of tears

And pain.

Soon the melody will stop,

Leaving you and me

Looking into each other’s eyes,

Seeing the sky, the northern lights,

And eternity in them.




We the loneliness,

We are the pain;

Hand in hand we walk

Through the pained consciousness

Of this city.

So useless to glue the pieces

Of your broken sunshine,

The screams will be absorbed

By the Moon waves,

Bringing the old aches of loss.

No one will hear,

No one will care.

Instead you will receive

A new child to carry;

Growing every day,

Enclosing you into its embrace,

Smothering your hope;

The name is guilt.

This twisted smile,

As the last attempt to appear strong,

Will be sucked out with a straw

And spat back on the ground;

Watch it.

Do not resist,

Do not hide;

There is no reason trying to postpone

What has already stepped on your welcome mat.

Your ticket to hell has arrived,

And the travel is not optional.

Calm the tears,

The blame is all yours to keep.

The doom awaits.


I carry the beautiful words of freedom,

Screaming “Privilege!” on every corner

Just because I can.

I memorize the never-ending list of genders

And their pronouns

Except for male and female,

Because they offend me.

I identify as Theta

And still don’t know which pronouns I like more.

I truly believe in social justice and freedom of speech,

But only when it suits me.

The existence of another opinion

Infuriates me, and as a result

I cry and mumble illogical things.

I preach peace, love, and tolerance,

But will crush windows and shop displays,

Burn tires and block the traffic,

If things don’t go the way I want.

I am unable to suck it up and live my life

As a human being.

Through the tears

I cannot see the original

Meaning of the word.

I am a liberal,

And I am offended.


The liquid mind

Cannot get through the keyhole;

It traps me inside the room.

I am surrounded by water;

Trying to come to terms

With the annihilated past

And the acid tears

That weren’t mine.

I am an iceberg

And my melted heart

Is sinking this Titanic

With you

And everybody else on board.

It’s getting cold;

My eyes are closing on their own,

Not giving me a chance to understand.

I go under.

I will remain,

Creating ripples on the water surface,

Melting the last of it,

The last of me.

Invisible war

The air solidifies,

Muting the howls,

Leaving me to hear them

Only in my head.

A power surge.

I cannot help but

Stare at the breaking light bulbs

And the twisted reflections

In the shattered glass.

The ground is shaking,

Swallowing trees into the fissures.

And I remain standing

In the middle of the chaos,

Martyring my mind

Over the life

That has never existed anywhere,

But in the dreams.

One more night… One more night… –

I repeat to myself, trying to survive

Until the morning that might not come.

I am fighting the invisible war

With the enemy I refuse to admit,

Feeling it eating me from the center on,

And the chances of winning

Are close to zero.