I carry the beautiful words of freedom,

Screaming “Privilege!” on every corner

Just because I can.

I memorize the never-ending list of genders

And their pronouns

Except for male and female,

Because they offend me.

I identify as Theta

And still don’t know which pronouns I like more.

I truly believe in social justice and freedom of speech,

But only when it suits me.

The existence of another opinion

Infuriates me, and as a result

I cry and mumble illogical things.

I preach peace, love, and tolerance,

But will crush windows and shop displays,

Burn tires and block the traffic,

If things don’t go the way I want.

I am unable to suck it up and live my life

As a human being.

Through the tears

I cannot see the original

Meaning of the word.

I am a liberal,

And I am offended.



The liquid mind

Cannot get through the keyhole;

It traps me inside the room.

I am surrounded by water;

Trying to come to terms

With the annihilated past

And the acid tears

That weren’t mine.

I am an iceberg

And my melted heart

Is sinking this Titanic

With you

And everybody else on board.

It’s getting cold;

My eyes are closing on their own,

Not giving me a chance to understand.

I go under.

I will remain,

Creating ripples on the water surface,

Melting the last of it,

The last of me.

Invisible war

The air solidifies,

Muting the howls,

Leaving me to hear them

Only in my head.

A power surge.

I cannot help but

Stare at the breaking light bulbs

And the twisted reflections

In the shattered glass.

The ground is shaking,

Swallowing trees into the fissures.

And I remain standing

In the middle of the chaos,

Martyring my mind

Over the life

That has never existed anywhere,

But in the dreams.

One more night… One more night… –

I repeat to myself, trying to survive

Until the morning that might not come.

I am fighting the invisible war

With the enemy I refuse to admit,

Feeling it eating me from the center on,

And the chances of winning

Are close to zero.



Fingers sliding between the ribs,

I feel you reaching out

To the broken and worn out


Trying to re-ignite the frozen engine

You crush the bones,

Not knowing that

The moment your lips touched mine 

I surrendered my breath and soul

To you.

Take the heart 

And keep it as yours.

Let it beat in tact with your thoughts,

Let my fate be you

And us become one.

With you


In and out,

Don’t let them see your tears.

The monsters feed on the salty drops

That leak when you show your fear.


Look at me.

Clear your beautiful eyes.

They will not kill what you and I have,

Just wait till the sorrow dies.


Face the fight.

Strike with all you have got.

And will always be there by your side,

No matter what life has brought.


Only you.

Just you I have in my heart.

Whatever the evil tongues spit out

Will never keep us apart.


Love heals all.

Embrace every new day,

And in the end we will smile again,

We will make our own way.


You are deep inside the skin,

Hiding in the poison you have spread

Around you,

Masking the intentions,

Playing the victim.

How long can the cells divide,

Letting you grow

And consume more

Of the little lives

That aren’t yours to ruin?

A massive shot,

This needle will be waiting for you

When you trip,

And choke on your own poison,

Letting the tortured souls rise,

Make the first step forward

Towards remission.