Slide your fingers through the wires

And unplug the thoughts.

Every inch is a button

That sets off a bomb;

You leave ripples all around

With every breath

That sets on my neck.

Flammable air particles

Gather around you,

Waiting to absorb the energy

And ignite the space between us.

It will burn like never before,

Until every last molecule turns into light

And the self-destruct sequence is complete.


Pull the wires,

Defuse my will to speak.

I’ve been waiting for that

Long enough.

Shallow wounds and scratches

Cover my arms;

I’ve been beating against the wall

Of your responses for too long.

I wanted to jump

Into the sea of depenence

Right after you.

But all I see there

Is an ocean of your tears.

Too much to bear,

Too much to hear.

You jumped,

And I just didnt follow.

I’m alone on a cliff,

And I don’t want to jump anymore.

I feel better.