I woke up

Not knowing where I was;

Breathing in the fog

That creeped over the ground

And me.

Is this real?

The sunshine is too far,

And I can feel

My bones shrinking in the cold,

Surrounded by fire-breathing trees.

I am still, yet moving,

Clueless about the direction.

A hand on my shoulder;

I know it is you

Without turning around.

I do not know where I am,

But I know where the fog is leading me;

Your touch helped me stay alive

And take the first step.


Read my mind

I’m as useless as a dry camellia

Lying on the window sill.

Looking over the city lights

I drain the last of my hopes

Outside the tall building window.

My thoughts are carving calligraphic letters

Out on my bones and muscles.

Every curve and every stroke

Of my mind’s deadly brush

Makes me want to scratch my own brain out

And eat it while I’m still conscious.

Morbid eyes are getting deeper

As they let your enchantment through.

Melody of agony is so bitter,

And yet so beautiful,

Just like those little moments

When you’re holding a sharp shiny knife in your hand.

Cut me open, tear the flesh from my bones,

And read my mind.