Finally weekend?…

I was craving rest during all the working week. And now I finally have free time and  I can’t even enjoy it.

Everything’s too dull. Nothing to do.

This is such a lonely city. Sitting in the apartment and waiting for a call from work is the best option I got at the moment.  They told me they’d call because I’d need to work  on some modifications in the afternoon. And now this is the most exciting thing to happen for the whole day.

If I didn’t have music coming out of my earphones, I’d probably die from boredom.

The only thing left to do is browse aimlessly until I get some work to do.

Awesome weekend is awesome. Yeah…

Unproductive day

Today has been the least productive day of my work. I came to work, turned the computer on, registered one outgoing letter, and that’s it. all other time I was browsing, looking through the website translations, and.. Yeah! I took pictures! No, we did!

I was sitting and taking pics of myself to get by the time. then I got bored and called the girls to join me in a small foto set. Oh, the horror! So many foolish pictures… I haven’t made that many ones of this kind for a very long time. Quatro pics, different color schemes and regimes… And it was fun. a lot of simple fun that I haven’t had for a while.  (I’ll post 2 of the photos in the “Pictures” category)

Time passed very quickly until lunch. Now everyone feels dead and tired. Nobody is capable of thinking logically or understanding primary phrases. I need to survive until 6 pm and then take my lazy ass to German class. I really want to be able to go to sleep early tonight, but as usually, I’m not sure if it can work out.