bucket list

Covered with death

Once I met Death.

I was waiting for my bus when

She came and sat next to me.

-Is it my time? – asked I.

-Are you ready? – replied she.

I didn’t know what to respond.

Was I ready to die?

My bucket listĀ half-full,

Only 20 years lived.

But I’d never felt

So tired,

Tired of it all.

-Is that what you want? – asked Death again.

I stayed speechless.

She smirked, and said

-Not right now. But I won’t leave

Until you give me an answer.

I felt cold.

I couldn’t see her anymore;

Missed my bus,

And kept standing

On the same place.

The bus crashed;

I saw people die,

And Death standing on top.

She was still looking at me.

I knew she was waiting,

And that she’d keep on being near.

I turned around and went home;

Full of nothing.

Covered with death.