Impressions about the new job

It’s been 10 days since I’ve started working for a mining company as an office-manager (basically, a secretary). The company has 3 office-rooms in total: the CEO’s office, administrative office (that’s where my desk is), and sales/service office. There’re 12 people in the company at the moment, 4 women (including me), and 8 men. People in administrative office: executive director (my boss), sales manager/executive director’s assistant, tender documentation specialist, and I, the office-manager. The other office has more sales and service managers, who come to our office from time to time to drink tea (that’s what the girls do sometimes), print some stuff, or talk to the executive.

Answering some calls, smiling to the guests, dealing with the documents (registration of incoming/outgoing post, forwarding emails to proper people, keeping track of office supplies, translating the website/offer materials ENG-RUS and RUS-ENG…  – that’s the approximate list of what I do. Not too hard, eh?

So, how is it, working here?

During the first week it wasn’t too chaotic. Everything was quiet if I don’t take into account small kicks-in-the-nuts from the boss about minor problems. Several employees were on business trips, the executive went on one himself for couple days as well; not too much outgoing post to register (not more than 5-6 per day), calm atmosphere, people in the office doing their stuff and no one’s raising one’s voice. Perfect, isn’t it? Yeeeahhh… Not for long 🙂 On Friday that weekthe boss came back and started kicking butts around; the work went going. That day was the first working day when I had something to do  all day, it made me feel accomplished, because I finished the working week with everything being ready. Being done with the very first working week felt great. I even was kind of bored during those 2 days, because I spent them home.

Monday, April, 4. was supposed to be the birthday of the marketing specialist, Valentina. That day I found out that it’s my job to warn everybody in the company about birthdays of other employees a week before. Flowers were ready in half an hour and we were all waiting for Valentina to show up. At the same time brains of people were boiling: deadlines for some sales and transportation operations were about to be missed, someone had calculated something wrong, things were going too slow. I couldn’t take a minute to catch a breath myself: the fax machine wasn’t working, the printer was freaking out, no one else  but me could print anything, so I was getting tons of file transfers until Mr. HP decided not to obey to me either. Several important faxes weren’t sent. Outgoing post numbers were rising. The phone battery died and we couldn’t accept calls or call anywhere. All that happened during the first 2 hours of work. Mess, huh? But wait! there is more!

I tried calling the tech service to ask them to come and take a look at our rebelling fax/printer/phone, but the soonest they could come was after lunch. The executive was screaming at TD specialist and service manager, service manager was screaming at other people from his office, CEO came in and started screaming at the executive…

Screaming and shouting all around. And I was just sitting there, behind my high-shelf desk and hoping not to get under the rage wave hit. Monday of this week was a chaos. But I survived and passed with flying colors; I was the only person who didn’t get kicked too bad 😀

Yesterday (Wednesday) started more or less quiet, but the atmosphere was far from calm. So much tension on such a small office, it was really hard to bear it. Some guests were about to come, so we all were running around, cleaning the desks (I wrote about it in one of the previous posts), but it all went alright.

Today – some more guests! French-speaking representably-good looking man with his translator are now sitting in the conference room (CEO’s office). The executive runs in to check on something from time to time, and runs back away. And we’re waiting for some orders to appear. The day is going alright so far. Not too bad and more calm.

Every day at this company is full of dynamics. A lot to do, but I liked those 10 days.

Overall grade – GOOD 🙂