Long and twisted corridors
Of my conscience have confused me,
And I am lost in my own head.
It is dark,
The walls are pressing on me so much
That I can hardly breathe out the prayer.
Everything I touch turns to sand
And dissolves in the air.
Voices are all around,
Everywhere I look I see the shades of past
Blaming me.
Tree of my life is fading,
Eyes are burning me alive.
I’m just an empty theater doll.
Shallow, with a smile drawn on the face.


I see all masks of mine surrounding me.
I’m a chimera confused in its own faces and body parts.
I see my own halo cracking and turning into sand
Right in front of my eyes.
The illusion if fate
Is pressing on me so hard that
I can’t get up and keep on kneeling.
Kneeling before something
That doesn’t exist anymore.
Standing on a cliff with an empty look
Into the empty space.
There is nothing before or beyond me.
Every flash of my memory disappears
Before I can see it.
Emptiness is pressing, silence is deafening…
Where am I?
In my own conscience, my own mind;
Overloaded and deserted at the same time.
Just me, sitting in a dark corner
And trying to remember what it was like
To be happy…